Submarine illustration

German WWII submarine U-486. The illustration was one of several illustrations and posters made for a WWII exhibition at Fedje, Norway by Kulturinova.

U-486 was a submarine of type VIIC, the most common type of German submarines during World War II. The movie "das Boot" is about the crew of this type of submarine. The crest on the coning tower shows that this submarine belonged to the 11. Ubootflotille, stationed in Bergen, Norway.

In 1945, while it was sailing from Bergen, U-486 was sunk by the British submarine HMS Tapir. All 48 crew members died. This was the end of a sinister career: At Christmas eve 1944 she sunk SS Leopoldville in the English Channel. 763 of the 2235 American soldiers on board died. Before the submarine returned to its base in Bergen, it torpedoed the two British frigates HMS Afflek and Capel.

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